A Modern Slapstick Web Series Executive Produced by Franco Dragone


Episode 1: The Trouble With Love

Welcome to the first episode of the new web series, Willie Jones On The Road! Enjoy Willie’s romp through Minneapolis where, while running from the law he gets literally entangled with the girl of his dreams. But will he escape her father’s mafioso goons and will he dare follow his heart across an ocean?

Willie Goes to the Movies: Official MSPIFF Trailer

As Willie built his rep in Minneapolis, the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Film Festival invited him to re-imagine how films are delivered to the festival. The result is the following trailer for the fest:

Willie Jones Pilot: The Original Sketch

Borrowing from the rich tradition of silent comedy comes a new modern slapstick romp. Shot on a blistery January morning in Minneapolis, this is the sketch that inspired the forthcoming web series, Willie Jones On The Road. Conceived of by Cirque Du Soleil clown Wayne Wilson and filmmaker Jesse Roesler, this collaboration is a playful look at a day in the life of pick-pocket Willie Jones in the harsh Minneapolis winter.


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